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 Learn a step-by-step formula to permanent weight loss, while creating a safe hormonal reset, that leads to a leaner, healthier and more energetic body than you ever thought possible.



Learn How To Lose Weight...

...permanently without starving yourself or causing more harm.

Learn A Weight Loss Formula...

...so easy and so powerful you will be able to apply it immediately.

Learn how to SAFELY reset your hormones...

...keep the excess weight off permanently.

         Why do 80% of weight loss programs fail?

Answer: They dont make a permanent change to your hormones and are not a sustainable way to live.

It's not enough to just lose weight, you need to reverse the hormonal change that caused the weight gain. That's exactly what you will learn in this webinar.

I will show you exactly what to do and exactly what to eat so you get incredible results.

I will show you how to trigger your body’s innate ability to burn fat for fuel. You will learn how to burn the excess weight on your by reaching into your fat storages.

You learn how to do this with no speed, there's no ephedra, there's no amphetamines, no caffeine, or anything to make you jittery.

I will guide you through eating so you will feel incredible energized because your burning the fat storages on your body. 

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"Before doing Dr. Golmans 40 Day weight loss program. I tried several diets including ketogenic & Atkins which were a total disaster. My doctor put me on thyroid medications to try to lose weight, it just made me feel horrible. Overall I have a healthy diet of veggies and lean mean, but I just could not lose fat. My biggest problem was alcohol and dairy, it makes me gain weight instantly. I am excited to say that under your program I lost 25 lbs and I went from a size 10 to a size 4!!"

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