I help a business owner's team master the art of rapport building so they retain more customers who become lifetime raving fans and refer others.



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 Hey there I'm Dr. Cody Golman! 

 I help a business owner's team master the art of rapport building so they retain more customers who become lifetime raving fans and refer others.



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Meet Dr. Cody Golman

Author, Doctor, Professional Speaker and Entrepreneur

More than those titles, he is a student of people. He has spent decades learning to identify a persons personality, fears, drives , and tendencies within seconds of meeting them. It’s what he has become known for amongst his students and online followers. This skill set has helped him build multiple successful businesses in very different niches. He dedicates his time to teaching and training others the skill of rapport and influence mastery. His main purpose in life is to “ignite and inspire people to their highest potential”.

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Talk Topics 

Topic #1:

The Secrets of Personality Based Communication 

Business owners know the key to a successful and smooth-running business is clear communication. That means clear communication both inside and outside of your business. Most business owners are naturally good with people. However, the challenge becomes when hiring people who don’t have the same natural abilities. It is found that 80% of lost sales come from the lack of rapport between your employees and a customer. In this talk, I will show you how your employees can immediately retain lost sales by learning to read and communicate with all types of personalities.

Topic #2:

The Secrets of Rapport Mastery 

Running a business is exciting, but can be a stressful and difficult experience because of one main reason..people! In this one hour session for new or seasoned business owners I will show you 3 easy steps to be able to influence and persuade anyone. This one main ability is the difference between a business that consistently loses customers and staff on a regular basis versus one that has high retention rates with lifelong customers, all while building a business that runs smoothly.


Steve Dudden

-Owner of All American Four Wheel Drive

"My biggest challenge in my business is trying to get my sales staff to work well with all types of people. 80% of our lost sales were due to lack of rapport with customers. Dr. Golman trained our entire staff on how to communicate with different personalities. HIs workshop was onsite and very professional. Over the next 60 days, we tripled our income, just from retaining those lost sales! "

Gina Martinez

- Owner(s) of Blondies Beauty Shop

"We hired Dr. Golman to train our 24 stylists on how to be able to read our customers and ultimately sell more services. Our girls were blown away by his presentation and we were able to increase that months product sales by $60,000!!"

Jenya Steinberg - Energy Healer

Testimonial from Jenya Steinberg – Energy Healer.

Dr. Golmans Program was one of the very few courses that I can say was life-changing for me. It was very easy to follow, entertaining, and most importantly impactful. I learned a lot about myself and others. My interaction with my family, friends, and patients has changed dramatically. Now I see what drives people and, it allows me to speak to them in more impactful ways. His material not only helped me improve rapport with my patients but even further enhanced healing results. I am very grateful to dr. Golman for teaching me his secrets.